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Chemistry Job Center
ChemistryJobCenter.com is a site for job seekers and employers in the field of chemistry and related sciences.  The site is backed by an extensive SQL Server 2000 database, which is custom designed to meet Lybrook Associates' complex needs in collecting and querying candidate's information and qualifications, and matching them to employer's job descriptions.  Job Candidates are also able to upload their resumes, and upon completing registration receive automatic e-mail confirmations with logins they can use to update their profile at any time.  This site is more informative and involved than something like Monster.com-- and while necessarily complex, full advantage is taken of the relational database's capabilities to provide an efficient and compact solution.  The owners of the site have access to various forms and reports that allow them to search and maintain the database at their convenience.  The web site and database are designed and hosted by mtnTop.com.