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Dark Endeavors
Dark Endeavors is the ambitious project of one "Dark Cloud", a man of varied and powerful opinions.  He has a weekly spot on KGNU community radio, and the same commentaries can be read and heard on his site, which also boasts an ongoing webzine, a myriad of original works, and a forum.  This site provided many design challenges, not the least of which was to provide a respectful MacLeod clan tartan background that does not overwhelm the site's textual content.  The site's owner makes revisions and additions to the content daily, a process facilitated by an array of custom, password-protected management pages that allow him to enter text, images, text overlaid on images, and other content without the assistance of the webmaster.  Every page is tuned by using meta tags and eliminating any unnecessary code to provide good ranking by search engines on the subjects discussed.  His SQL Server 2000 database also collects all available information on visitor's hits, which is then filtered and condensed into real-time reports to meet his particular needs.  All designed and hosted by mtnTop.com.